Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bathroom Water Saver

Last week sometime I came up with a great way to save water while in the bathroom. I meant to post about it then but somehow forgot. Lucky for you all I remembered. I have this weird thing about not being able to wear "dirty" clothes after a shower. Now, when I say "dirty" I guess what I really mean is previously worn. Let's say I threw some clothes on to go do some errands and then came home and took a shower. Even though those clothes were worn for an hour tops I won't wear them again. It feels weird against my skin when I try. In a similar vein I prefer to brush my teeth before washing my face so that once my face is clean it doesn't get "dirty" again from errant toothpaste suds. This is where I came up with my water saver. Normally I brush my teeth and then wash all of the toothpast gunk down the drain before I wash my face. However, I realized that I could leave the gunk in the sink, wash my face like normal, and the water from washing my face would wash the gunk down the sink for me. Genius idea? I think so.

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