Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trying to juggle

Life has been difficult on me these past few months. I'm trying my best, with help now, to slog through this mess and come out a bigger better me on the other side. Please know that I mean no harm and all will be right with the world soon enough.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Clean Condo Update

It's still not. Clean, that is. I know I need to keep a good timeline of everything that's been happening so when we go to court, I've finally decided that it is indeed time to sue, or at least make them think like we're going to sue maybe that will light a fire up under there butts, I'll have plenty of stuff to show the judge that they have in fact been dragging their feet like crazy. I thought perhaps if I update all of you here on my blog that might do two things. One, it will keep me accountable to make sure I keep a timeline and two, maybe someone will find this here blog and help us out in some way.

Today we had an appointment with the industrial hygienist. They have to come in and tell us it's clean so that our contractor can start working. Well, turns out Service Master's not even done cleaning it up. They were at the condo on Tuesday and ripped up all the subfloor except for the stuff under the tub and the hot water heater. We weren't informed that they weren't done and the Industrial Hygienist called us so we didn't realize there was a problem. Supposedly Service Master's going back in tomorrow to finish, though I'm really not sure what that means. It's been over a month since my contractor noticed that the sub floor was saturated and he tried getting in touch with our contact over at the insurance company. Six days and three phone calls later he finally got in touch with her. In three days it will be a month since she's known the sub floor had to be removed.

This has been one huge headache after another. Today I finally calmed myself down by telling myself that each day I'm out of my house means more money in my pocket.

I'm going to start e-mailing this woman to get daily updates because I have a feeling she knows more than she's telling us. They went in almost two weeks ago and tested our belongings and got rid of some of them. She told us what they got rid of however, when my husband asked her to forward the e-mail she got from her contact at Service Master she didn't do it, we're now three requests in, let's see if we get it tomorrow. One of the things she told us was thrown out is actually in our storage unit so that's a bit worrisome.

Speaking of our storage unit. The guy at Service Master that set it up and gave my husband the key didn't think to put my husband or I on the list of people allowed to have access to the unit. Thankfully the great guy at the storage place didn't give us any issues but he did call the Service Master guy up and tell him he has to put us on the list.

Well, that's it for now. I think I'll go e-mail some people and see if I can't light some fires. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A new job, life in a hotel, and me

Today was day three of my new job. After three months of looking for a staying home looking for a job it feels kind of weird to have one. Work is kind of odd right now. My main duty is pretty much to help customers that come in if my boss is busy helping someone. Well, of course the only time we had more than one customer at a time was Monday when I was completely not comfortable in the job yet. Right now we have one desk that we kind of share, he sits behind and I sit in front. But eventually he's going to have an office and I'll take charge of the desk. Until then it feels odd, I don't really have much I can do and even if he wanted me to do stuff, on the computer let's say, that would mean he'd have to give up his nice comfy seat. So, I've been spending lots of time just reading or doing crossword puzzles, pretty boring but I know soon it will get better.

As for the condo they still haven't even finished cleaning it up. My contractor looked at the subfloor and decided it needed to come out. He met with the cleanup crew guy on Monday and he agreed, so now it's just a matter of getting the okay from the insurance people and then finding a day for them to start.

Right now we are living in a hotel and have been for the past week and a half. However, at over $1,000 a week we can't keep this up much longer. We've talked to the insurance people about having them pay the hotel directly and they said that would be fine. Now we just have to talk to the hotel to see how we can set that up. We thought about moving into an apartment because we've been told it'll be another two to three months. However, they are going to be packing up all our stuff and storing it and testing our couches and mattress to see if they are safe to keep. They probably won't get to that until next week and we'd probably have to move into an apartment this weekend, seeing as how it's the first on Friday, so that probably won't happen. Not to mention, how are we going to find someone that's willing to rent to us on a month to month basis with pretty much no warning that we're moving out? My mom is looking into one potential apartment for us that is very close to our condo and belongs to a family friend, so that's a possibility. Otherwise, it looks like we'll be living in a hotel for the next few months. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shit Came Up

I've been rather silent these past few weeks. I can't really explain my absence except for the past week or so, so I'll start there.

So, not four days ago but the Saturday before that my fiance was enjoying his bachelor party at our condo while I was off having a girls night at a friends house. Part way through dinner I got a rather frantic call from the fiance. Apparently the sewer had backed up into our condo.

This happened once before but it only affected the bathroom and I woke up to find the bathroom mat sopping wet and kind of gross looking. This time we weren't so lucky. The sewage made it's way out the bathroom, into our tiny hall, and into the office, bedroom, and living room. It didn't get far but it was still a big problem.

Somehow I kept my head straight and calmly told my fiance that my friend and I would go and wait for the cleaning crew and he and his party could go to my friends house, whose husband was at the party. My friend and I made the trek back to my house and thankfully the rain of the past week hadn't yet started as we waited outside for the cleaning crew. The stench was awful, is still awful.

Fast forward to today, we currently have three huge dehumidifiers living in our condo, there's no carpet and they pulled the toilet up so they could plug the pipe. We've been told they are going to tear sections of the wall out, and perhaps the subfloor and tile in the bathroom but they have yet to touch it. It still reeks in there and I can't go in without holding my nose. We lived in a hotel for a week but now we've decided to stay with family for the week. We get married this Sunday and then we'll be gone on our honeymoon for two weeks. Hopefully we'll be much farther along in moving back in when we get back. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bathroom Water Saver

Last week sometime I came up with a great way to save water while in the bathroom. I meant to post about it then but somehow forgot. Lucky for you all I remembered. I have this weird thing about not being able to wear "dirty" clothes after a shower. Now, when I say "dirty" I guess what I really mean is previously worn. Let's say I threw some clothes on to go do some errands and then came home and took a shower. Even though those clothes were worn for an hour tops I won't wear them again. It feels weird against my skin when I try. In a similar vein I prefer to brush my teeth before washing my face so that once my face is clean it doesn't get "dirty" again from errant toothpaste suds. This is where I came up with my water saver. Normally I brush my teeth and then wash all of the toothpast gunk down the drain before I wash my face. However, I realized that I could leave the gunk in the sink, wash my face like normal, and the water from washing my face would wash the gunk down the sink for me. Genius idea? I think so.

A few Tips

I was looking at the frozen chicken sitting on my kitchen counter and came up with a good idea I thought I'd share. In order to understand the tip you first need to understand the story behind the tip. The frozen chicken came straight out of the freezer just an hour or two ago when my fiance decided to make chicken for dinner tonight, sadly we aren't very good at planning meals out ahead of time. I took the whole package out of the freezer because that was the way it went in and as I look at the frozen chicken I think, well this is gonna take a while. We will probably wind up popping the frozen chicken into a very hot bath until the chicken defrosts. However, I have the perfect solution. From now on when we buy chicken I am going to immediatly put each individual breast into its own plastic bag and then into the freezer. This way whenever I need chicken I can take the number of breasts out that we need and they will thaw much quicker. While I'm at it I may even put a plastic bucket into the freezer just for chicken that way I don't ever have to go rummaging around trying to see if we have chicken or not. Genius? I think so.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My blogging obsession

Okay, okay, I know you are probably thinking to yourself, "her blogging obsession? She barely blogs once a week. I know, this is a different kind of blogging obsession, not one where I am obsessed with keeping up my blog, though I wish I had that problem. My problem is more along the lines of reading blogs, and to many at that. I had a good friend come over a few weeks ago and help organize my office. She scoffed at the amount of magazines I keep. I tell myself I keep them to collage with but to be honest I'm not sure the last time I collaged, though I do have a project that is in the works, in my head at least, that needs to get done within the next two months. So, I took her scoffing to heart and decided it probably was time to get rid of some of them. Especially considering how heavy they are, and how that affects things when moving houses. I'd really rather not keep moving them. So instead, I sat down with a stack of twenty magazines and thumbed through them page by page. Anything that caught my eye for collaging got ripped out and put into a nice pretty purple decorative box that is just the same width as the page and a bit longer. I also ripped out any articles that seemed like something I wanted to keep for the long haul or those that were things I wanted to quick write down, like recipes. Where am I getting with this? I'll tell you. Two of the pages I ripped out were about blogs, and one in particular was a whole list of good blogs to read. Now, I'm not sure when the article was from exactly, however, I do know that some of the magazines dated back to 2008, and I'm sure some go back even farther. I hopped onto some of those blogs and saved any that I liked into my blog feeder thing. A lot of the blogs I read now tend to post craft projects they've done recently or ones that they have seen friends post on their blogs. Well, being the semi-crafty girl with to much time on her hands I would hope on over to those other blogs to check them out and would inevitably find myself adding more blogs to my blog feed. That coupled with the fact that one of my blogs posts interesting blogs that she's found in her travels made for way to many blogs for me to keep up with. I figure if I can see all of my blog titles on the left of my little blog feeder screen(all very technical terms I promise you), then I'm good and I can make sure to keep up with them all. Okay, finally to the reason for this whole darn blog in the first place. I started to add a few blogs and thought perhaps I should check out the one's I already have and see what was what, and you know what I found out? Some of the blogs I was following, mostly ones I just started following yesterday mind you, hadn't been updated in years, 2008 anyone? Hehe, so I realized perhaps I should see the currency with which the blogger actually blogs before I decide to subscribe to a blog.