Monday, March 28, 2011

My blogging obsession

Okay, okay, I know you are probably thinking to yourself, "her blogging obsession? She barely blogs once a week. I know, this is a different kind of blogging obsession, not one where I am obsessed with keeping up my blog, though I wish I had that problem. My problem is more along the lines of reading blogs, and to many at that. I had a good friend come over a few weeks ago and help organize my office. She scoffed at the amount of magazines I keep. I tell myself I keep them to collage with but to be honest I'm not sure the last time I collaged, though I do have a project that is in the works, in my head at least, that needs to get done within the next two months. So, I took her scoffing to heart and decided it probably was time to get rid of some of them. Especially considering how heavy they are, and how that affects things when moving houses. I'd really rather not keep moving them. So instead, I sat down with a stack of twenty magazines and thumbed through them page by page. Anything that caught my eye for collaging got ripped out and put into a nice pretty purple decorative box that is just the same width as the page and a bit longer. I also ripped out any articles that seemed like something I wanted to keep for the long haul or those that were things I wanted to quick write down, like recipes. Where am I getting with this? I'll tell you. Two of the pages I ripped out were about blogs, and one in particular was a whole list of good blogs to read. Now, I'm not sure when the article was from exactly, however, I do know that some of the magazines dated back to 2008, and I'm sure some go back even farther. I hopped onto some of those blogs and saved any that I liked into my blog feeder thing. A lot of the blogs I read now tend to post craft projects they've done recently or ones that they have seen friends post on their blogs. Well, being the semi-crafty girl with to much time on her hands I would hope on over to those other blogs to check them out and would inevitably find myself adding more blogs to my blog feed. That coupled with the fact that one of my blogs posts interesting blogs that she's found in her travels made for way to many blogs for me to keep up with. I figure if I can see all of my blog titles on the left of my little blog feeder screen(all very technical terms I promise you), then I'm good and I can make sure to keep up with them all. Okay, finally to the reason for this whole darn blog in the first place. I started to add a few blogs and thought perhaps I should check out the one's I already have and see what was what, and you know what I found out? Some of the blogs I was following, mostly ones I just started following yesterday mind you, hadn't been updated in years, 2008 anyone? Hehe, so I realized perhaps I should see the currency with which the blogger actually blogs before I decide to subscribe to a blog.

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