Monday, March 21, 2011

Project Storage Cleaning

It has been my intention for a little while now to organize the storage unit we have. Originally we put anything in there that we didn't have room for in the house, a bike, a long overdue project, a Christmas tree, as well as a bunch of random stuff. We've since added things like empty boxes and extra plates and bowls we don't have room for in the kitchen. It's gotten to the point where I'm a little afraid to even look at it. Though I've had a few things that I've been wanting to put away there, mainly some extra plastic bowls that we don't have room for. I also cleaned our car out this weekend which added a whole new slew of stuff that didn't belong in the car at all, or at least not for now, snow broom anyone? Add to that the fact that our wonderful friend Lauren came and helped us finally tackle our office there's been lots adding up that isn't necessarily stuff I want to get rid of, but is also not something I want in the house.

So, I did it. I bit the bullet and tackled the storage unit today. The general set up of our unit is a small square room with shelves on the back wall as well as one side wall. I started by taking pretty much everything that was on the floor and moving it out into the laundry room. On a side note I was doubly productive because prior to starting the big clean I also started a load of laundry. This worked well on another front as well because it took me just over one wash and dry cycle, love being able to time it.

But back to the clean. I tried to make piles, or areas more like, of the things. One spot for things to get rid of, another for recycling, and so on. Part of the reason I finally tackled it was because we still had a bunch of moving boxes, we moved in October, are you as disgusted as I am? I thought so. I had decided today would be the day that I would finally bring them to the recycling center, and then I had another thought. Most of the boxes were from my fiance's work, they were uniform in size and pretty sturdy. So, I thought why not use them to organize the storage area? It worked out great.

I was able to take a bunch of flimsy Macy's boxes full and half full of dishes and glasses and consolidate them to two sturdy boxes. I found the perfect place for all our sports toys, the once empty cooler. I even had room for some empty plastic tubs. Part of me was thinking I should use the tubs, they are plastic after all and if any water gets in the unit that would stink. But I like the uniformity of the cardboard boxes and right now we don't have the money to go out and buy all the same plastic tubs, so for now this will work. Also, I noticed that everything seemed to fit quite well in the boxes, none were overfull, or close to empty, so that felt nice.

Sadly I didn't think to take a before picture until I was all done and so proud of my work that I wanted to take an after. So, you just have to envision it with me, ready, let's go. You cautiously open the door, afraid the bike on the top shelf will crash down on you, you eye a spot to put your feet in the unit and decide otherwise, you take out four boxes before finding what you wanted and then spend an hour trying to fit the boxes back where they came from. Okay, got a good picture of the before? Well get ready for the after....

Gorgeous isn't it? There's some space in front of the table to stand and there's space between the table and the green planter to stand as well. The bike is back up on the top shelf but it's not quite a precarious up there anymore. Sorry for such grainy pics but I didn't think to grab my digital and only had my cell on me.

Here's a close up of the boxes. Sadly, you can't read the labels but they all tell you what's in each box. I must say I find it quite fitting that my label maker ran out of tape just as I was labeling my last box. That box with three labels on it is simply because I didn't know how to lump a shower curtain, some throw rugs, and a regular curtain all into the same category, though I did have one small box of miscellanious house stuff.

There you have it, my wonderful storage re-do. I'd love to hear about any organizing or cleaning projects you've taken on that you're proud of. And check back tomorrow when I fill you in on my new exercise regimn and how it fits in with my storage cleaning

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