Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A few Tips

I was looking at the frozen chicken sitting on my kitchen counter and came up with a good idea I thought I'd share. In order to understand the tip you first need to understand the story behind the tip. The frozen chicken came straight out of the freezer just an hour or two ago when my fiance decided to make chicken for dinner tonight, sadly we aren't very good at planning meals out ahead of time. I took the whole package out of the freezer because that was the way it went in and as I look at the frozen chicken I think, well this is gonna take a while. We will probably wind up popping the frozen chicken into a very hot bath until the chicken defrosts. However, I have the perfect solution. From now on when we buy chicken I am going to immediatly put each individual breast into its own plastic bag and then into the freezer. This way whenever I need chicken I can take the number of breasts out that we need and they will thaw much quicker. While I'm at it I may even put a plastic bucket into the freezer just for chicken that way I don't ever have to go rummaging around trying to see if we have chicken or not. Genius? I think so.

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