Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shit Came Up

I've been rather silent these past few weeks. I can't really explain my absence except for the past week or so, so I'll start there.

So, not four days ago but the Saturday before that my fiance was enjoying his bachelor party at our condo while I was off having a girls night at a friends house. Part way through dinner I got a rather frantic call from the fiance. Apparently the sewer had backed up into our condo.

This happened once before but it only affected the bathroom and I woke up to find the bathroom mat sopping wet and kind of gross looking. This time we weren't so lucky. The sewage made it's way out the bathroom, into our tiny hall, and into the office, bedroom, and living room. It didn't get far but it was still a big problem.

Somehow I kept my head straight and calmly told my fiance that my friend and I would go and wait for the cleaning crew and he and his party could go to my friends house, whose husband was at the party. My friend and I made the trek back to my house and thankfully the rain of the past week hadn't yet started as we waited outside for the cleaning crew. The stench was awful, is still awful.

Fast forward to today, we currently have three huge dehumidifiers living in our condo, there's no carpet and they pulled the toilet up so they could plug the pipe. We've been told they are going to tear sections of the wall out, and perhaps the subfloor and tile in the bathroom but they have yet to touch it. It still reeks in there and I can't go in without holding my nose. We lived in a hotel for a week but now we've decided to stay with family for the week. We get married this Sunday and then we'll be gone on our honeymoon for two weeks. Hopefully we'll be much farther along in moving back in when we get back. Wish us luck.

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