Monday, July 18, 2011

Clean Condo Update

It's still not. Clean, that is. I know I need to keep a good timeline of everything that's been happening so when we go to court, I've finally decided that it is indeed time to sue, or at least make them think like we're going to sue maybe that will light a fire up under there butts, I'll have plenty of stuff to show the judge that they have in fact been dragging their feet like crazy. I thought perhaps if I update all of you here on my blog that might do two things. One, it will keep me accountable to make sure I keep a timeline and two, maybe someone will find this here blog and help us out in some way.

Today we had an appointment with the industrial hygienist. They have to come in and tell us it's clean so that our contractor can start working. Well, turns out Service Master's not even done cleaning it up. They were at the condo on Tuesday and ripped up all the subfloor except for the stuff under the tub and the hot water heater. We weren't informed that they weren't done and the Industrial Hygienist called us so we didn't realize there was a problem. Supposedly Service Master's going back in tomorrow to finish, though I'm really not sure what that means. It's been over a month since my contractor noticed that the sub floor was saturated and he tried getting in touch with our contact over at the insurance company. Six days and three phone calls later he finally got in touch with her. In three days it will be a month since she's known the sub floor had to be removed.

This has been one huge headache after another. Today I finally calmed myself down by telling myself that each day I'm out of my house means more money in my pocket.

I'm going to start e-mailing this woman to get daily updates because I have a feeling she knows more than she's telling us. They went in almost two weeks ago and tested our belongings and got rid of some of them. She told us what they got rid of however, when my husband asked her to forward the e-mail she got from her contact at Service Master she didn't do it, we're now three requests in, let's see if we get it tomorrow. One of the things she told us was thrown out is actually in our storage unit so that's a bit worrisome.

Speaking of our storage unit. The guy at Service Master that set it up and gave my husband the key didn't think to put my husband or I on the list of people allowed to have access to the unit. Thankfully the great guy at the storage place didn't give us any issues but he did call the Service Master guy up and tell him he has to put us on the list.

Well, that's it for now. I think I'll go e-mail some people and see if I can't light some fires. Wish me luck!