Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Working out and Cleaning, sometimes they go hand in hand

As promised I'm back this morning to tell you all about my new workout regimen.

So, I've been on Paxil for the past few years. I originally got on it because I was working somewhere that was not conducive to feeling good about yourself at all. Pair that with just having worked at a similar spot and Paxil was in my future.

I tried to go off it once, when I had found a job back with some great guys. However, shortly after I went off it I spent three days in bed unable to will myself out of bed. I knew it was time to hope back on the Paxil wagon.

Now though I'm hoping I'm back on it for good. This time going off it came about for two reasons. One, I got laid off and thus don't have health insurance currently, though I'm working on getting it again. And two, a few weeks ago I ran out of my current stash, I e-mailed my doctor asking if I could get a refill and was told by someone else at my doctor's office that she wasn't in and that the doctor on call wouldn't give me a refill because I hadn't been taking it since April. Of course this all happened on a Thursday or Friday so I went all weekend without it and I decided maybe it would be best just to get off it once and for all. Thankfully either my doctor came back or my e-mail back to them informing them that I had been taking it since April smartened them up because that Monday I noticed that I had another refill.

This time in going off my Paxil I thought I would try replacing it with something. That something being exercise. I've read a few things here and there that always say that exercise is supposed to help your mood so I thought it would be the perfect solution.

I already had a gym membership, and with the nice weather coming up I had a 5k planned, and have already added a second one to my races for the year. I started going to the gym every other day. Originally I just biked, usually for an hour. I'd bring a book and sit and read as my legs went to work. In the beginning just stepping into the gym would give me a giddy feeling. I've now progressed to trying to run a bit as well as do some weight machines.

Now, I'm sure you are all wondering how that has anything to do with cleaning right? Well, here it is. Before I started working out if I cleaned for any length of time, say a half hour, I felt like an old lady. My hips would bother me and make it painful to walk. There was even times when I couldn't roll over in bed because my hips hurt so bad. I blame this on two things, one being my weight, according to the bmi calculator I'm obese, and two while in college I got bursitis in my knee, however, they didn't tell me that was what it was until I came home for the summer and went to see a real doctor. I'm fairly certain my knee will never be the same.

Back to cleaning. I cleaned for an hour and a half, thank you laundry timer, and the hip pain never bothered me until I was all done, and even then it was half of the pain it usually was. So, thank you exercise for helping me to feel my age again.

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