Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Erasing $70,000 in debt and why I'll never do it

Wow, post two for the day, I'm impressed. I find that the more I write the more writing I want to do, and the more ideas I have. But before I start, if you want this post to make any sense head on over here http://finance.yahoo.com/banking-budgeting/article/112352/how-to-erase-70000-in-debt?mod=bb-debtmanagement .

Back? Wow, wasn't that article a doozy? Oh, you never left, well let me give you the lowdown. A young couple had $70,000 in debt, thanks to school loans, car loans, and house loans. However, by cutting back they were able to pay it all off in about a year while also saving $23,000. Sounds amazing right? Want to know why I will never attempt something like this? Quick sidenote, I will probably never need to attempt something like this. Together they made $140,000 in one year, one year! They decided they could live on $40,000 post-taxes. Now, if my fiance and I made that post tax I'd be a happy camper. She says they took on extra work, but I'm guessing it couldn't have been $100,000 of extra work could it?

When I read this article I just had to laugh. She's only a year older than me and already makes more than I will ever make in a year. But readers I told you I wouldn't have to worry about things like this and would you like to know why? Good, cause I was going to tell you no matter what.

I was an English/Communications major. My dream since I was little was to become a writer. My dad, being the savy money man that he is, knew that with my degree after four years I'd be lucky getting a job that paid more than one flipping burgers. So, he wouldn't let me take out any student loans, and I owe him forever for that.

Second, my parents have instilled in me some amazing values and beliefs. The first brand new car they got was purchased when I was in college. For that reason it has never even been a thought of mine to purchase a car brand new. I am in fact in the market for a new car now and, while I'm planning on waiting until after I get married to finally buy one, I'm only planning on looking at cars that I can afford to pay cash for. Thank you no car loan.

And second, the condo I bought was cheap enough that the down payment was pretty miniscule. By the time my fiance and I started looking at condo's we'd already started putting money away towards a wedding fund and part of that fund went to pay the down payment on our condo. It also helps that our monthly condo payment plus our HOA fee is a bit less than we were paying in rent.

So, there you have it folks. Why I will never be $70,000 in debt, and why I won't have to pay it off. And, even though I am now unemployed when I was employed I was able to put a good chunk away towards savings each month. Though I think a lot of that savings also went towards house stuff, because it's gone now. Ah well, there's always the wedding fund.

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