Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thankful Time

I was reading a new fav blog called Christina's Adventure's, check her out at She listed out some things she was thankful for and seeing as how I've been having a bad couple of days I thought perhaps doing this would help to brighten my mood. So here, in no particular order is what I'm thankful for. 1. An amazing fiance 2. An hour at the gym 3. A semi-clean house 4. the sight of an asleep kitten on my fiance, you can't help but smile after seeing that. 5. Summer People by: Elin Hilderbrand, I have been noticing lately that most of the books I've been reading I've been slogging through and I really haven't enjoyed them, this one is different, definetly a must read 6. Lies My Teacher Told Me by: James Loewen, This book has opened my eyes a bit and is definetly also a must read. In fact I've decided that anyone wishing to become president should have to read this book before they put their name in the ring 7. Blogs: Namely The Mobile Home Woman, Chez Larrson, and Walk Slowly, Live Wildly. I don't spend or keep in touch with my friends as much as I'd like, reading these blogs makes me feel like I've have friends that I keep in touch with, is that bad?

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