Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A new job, life in a hotel, and me

Today was day three of my new job. After three months of looking for a staying home looking for a job it feels kind of weird to have one. Work is kind of odd right now. My main duty is pretty much to help customers that come in if my boss is busy helping someone. Well, of course the only time we had more than one customer at a time was Monday when I was completely not comfortable in the job yet. Right now we have one desk that we kind of share, he sits behind and I sit in front. But eventually he's going to have an office and I'll take charge of the desk. Until then it feels odd, I don't really have much I can do and even if he wanted me to do stuff, on the computer let's say, that would mean he'd have to give up his nice comfy seat. So, I've been spending lots of time just reading or doing crossword puzzles, pretty boring but I know soon it will get better.

As for the condo they still haven't even finished cleaning it up. My contractor looked at the subfloor and decided it needed to come out. He met with the cleanup crew guy on Monday and he agreed, so now it's just a matter of getting the okay from the insurance people and then finding a day for them to start.

Right now we are living in a hotel and have been for the past week and a half. However, at over $1,000 a week we can't keep this up much longer. We've talked to the insurance people about having them pay the hotel directly and they said that would be fine. Now we just have to talk to the hotel to see how we can set that up. We thought about moving into an apartment because we've been told it'll be another two to three months. However, they are going to be packing up all our stuff and storing it and testing our couches and mattress to see if they are safe to keep. They probably won't get to that until next week and we'd probably have to move into an apartment this weekend, seeing as how it's the first on Friday, so that probably won't happen. Not to mention, how are we going to find someone that's willing to rent to us on a month to month basis with pretty much no warning that we're moving out? My mom is looking into one potential apartment for us that is very close to our condo and belongs to a family friend, so that's a possibility. Otherwise, it looks like we'll be living in a hotel for the next few months. Wish us luck!