Sunday, October 17, 2010

Next Step Houses

So, after the mobile home issues we decided houses were the only way to go. This was also when we finally started working with a real estate agent. The woman we started working with wasn't quite to our liking. We felt rushed most of the time and we felt like we were always the one showing her houses we wanted to see and always thought it was supposed to be the other way around. She was giving us 15 minutes to view each house and seeing as how our price range was around the $100,000 mark most of the houses we were looking at were going to need repairs, and well, 15 minutes just isn't enough time to decide what those repairs might be and if it's worth a second look. Sometimes though that 15 minutes was plenty. Like for example the time we couldn't even get into the main part of the house but instead saw a section of the garage, or the house that was in the process of being re-done with no walls and barely floors in some rooms. We didn't really see any other way but luckily that would soon change.

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