Sunday, October 17, 2010

The house hunt really begins

Once we had the real estate agent from heaven we really began our house hunting in stride. We looked at TONS of houses, or at least it felt that way. We both were trying to stay away from condo's, I think on my end I felt like buying a condo was just like buying an apartment and really was that a step up or just sideways? We found one huge beautiful old house that we fell in love with. It even had a closet inside a walk in closet, how cool is that? Sadly though, when I brought my parents to show them the house they talked some sense in to us. My dad said that even he wouldn't take on a project like the house, and my gram cried when my parents bought their house, it was that bad. So, we sadly walked away and began looking again. Our realtor realizing that we were wanting a house kept suggesting a nearby city for us to look at. However, neither one of us was really keen on that. And, eventually we both made peace with the idea that perhaps a condo was where we had to look.

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