Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Mobile Home Travails

Our next step in the mobile home buying came in finding a lawyer to write up a contract. I had nannied for a lawyer and got in touch with the law firm she worked for. She was no longer there but her boss was happy to work with us. We gave him all the information and that's when we found out banks don't like mobile homes, or more importantly, banks don't like lending money so that you can buy a mobile home. My first stop in the mortgage process was Sovereign, they had a list of three or four questions about the mobile home and when "our" mobile home failed the test we went looking elsewhere. I swear we contacted every bank in middlesex county. The banks told us one of two things,either no, or give us your first born, your life savings, and half of your pay for the next year and we'll think about lending to you. This would only be our first heartbreak.

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