Sunday, October 17, 2010

The real hunt begins

Once we realized that condo's were really what we needed to focus on our search got easier. No longer were we looking at spending money to buy something that we would have to spend money on, aka, a money pit, love the movie, not so sure I like living in one. Instead we were looking at a mix of updated beautiful condo's in our price range and ugly, never been updated since they were built in the seventies, condo's that we would be able to play with as we pleased. Paint and some minor kitchen/bathroom improvements don't scare me, maybe because I work for a place that specializes in both. The scarier stuff is tearing down walls and putting new ones in their place. Condo's I realized were doable. We went out once with our new favorite realtor and came across a lot of nice ones, and some scary ones. After a few more days of looking we found one that my bub and I both agreed was something we wanted. The seller was asking $90,000 but seeing as how nothing in the area was going for anywhere near that, condo's at least. We decided on offering $75,000 with $4,000 back at closing. Needless to say they balked at that number. Suffice it to say, we walked away. On a sidenote they recently dropped the price of said $100. It's laughable really what some people think their homes are worth, but ah well. Luckily for us though we wound up finding another condo in the same complex asking exactly what we had offered the last seller. Upon a quick peek we immediatly knew we wanted to put an offer on this one as well. Sadly, our realtor was out of the state for vacation so we worked with a colleague of hers, who really only made us love our realtor all the more. We put an offer in on the condo on July 15th, then we went to Revere for their amazing sand castle competition. Thankfully, we received a phone call before we got back telling us our offer had been accepted. It wouldn't be long I thought before we'd be out of our tiny apartment and into our very own condo. It's now October 17th and we are still in our tiny apartment and still waiting, hoping, and though we aren't religious, praying for this condo to become ours sooner rather than later. But that's another story for another day.

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