Monday, October 25, 2010

The culmination of Three Months of Waiting

Well, Thursday we finally got the all clear to close on the condo. I never thought it would happen. What with the bank dragging their feet like they were, and the seller being very antsy to sell. But, it did and here we are. Friday morning we did some running around to get everything set and ready for closing. We had to pick up a bank check and pick up a condo form. Then we went and signed all the closing paperwork, got our keys, and waited...they told us once the sale was on record we could move in. However, that meant we had to wait for the fire inspection at 2 that afternoon and then wait some more for them to call us. Luckily around 3:30 they called us. We went and got a UHaul, made some phone calls to friends, and started packing up. We headed out about 6:30 or 7 I think and the unpacking was ten times easier, I think the time helped, we had more people there to unpack us, including a friend that was easily carrying two and sometimes three boxes a trip, he even brought our tv in for us by himself, and that is not a light tv. Pizzas and beers were gotten and we reveled in the fact that we were homeowners. We returned the truck around midnight and fell exhausted into bed. It had been a long day of mostly waiting, surprise surprise.

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