Friday, July 9, 2010

Some background...

Up until the age of 18 the farthest I had moved was the next room over. Then came college and after that I began bouncing from one apartment to the next, five apartments in the past five years to be exact, along with a short stint back at my parents house in the middle of it all. I never quite realized how much I moved until just now. In fact I think I've been in my current apartment the longest of any, that's simply because I don't want to move again, my next move will hopefully be my last for a few years. In pretty much every apartment I was in I knew it wasn't a long term thing and so I never was inclined to ask about painting or re-decorating in any way, I just lived with the way my apartment looked. But I'm getting tired of that. I look at paint colors longingly hoping one day to be able to paint my own bedroom a color of my choosing. I use to look at the ugly carpet and wish for hardwoods, and now that I have them part of me wishes for carpet again. I guess that's why when it came time to consider where my fiance and I would live when our lease was up it only made sense to both of us to purchase something and quit renting.

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