Sunday, January 9, 2011

Office Organziation

So, for the past two plus months, pretty much since we've moved in, the office has become the dumping ground for anything and everything. We've done a massive clean maybe twice when we were expecting large groups or friends over but the only rooms that ever actually got clean were the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The bedroom got a minor sight clean, basically all the dirty clothes got thrown in the closet, the bed got the comforter thrown on it to appear made, and that's it. Everything that didn't go somewhere wound up in the office. It also didn't help that we saved all of our moving boxes so that we could recylce them and only just recently got around to getting a recycling sticker for our town, so sad to say the moving boxes are still being housed in the office.

Now, often times you can have one room that is just kind of a junk room, one that no one ever goes in, that you can throw anything and everything in. Sadly, with only five rooms, counting the bathroom, that's not really an option for us. For the past few weekends we've been rather lasy. just sitting around, not doing much of anything. Well, this weekend I wanted to change all that. I noticed Target had a sale on it's itso storage stuff and I'd been eyeing them a few weeks ago. So, I finally popped on a few things in hopes that it would help me organize the office. I meant to take a before picture but of course I forgot. So, instead here is a during picture, which could perhaps look worse than a before one would look.

I've always held the belief since childhood that when cleaning a room it must get messier before it can get cleaner. I haven't always had many backers in that thinking but I hold it still. The wicker baskets on the table on the left were a smart purchase helped by a good friend. the large one holds most of my magazines, eventually I plan to start collaging again. the smaller one's I think are empty, but empty is always nice. The itso containers are the purple/pink and black things in the middle of the pic. The large one now holds photography stuff. A year or so ago I got a real camera, one that you can change settings and stuff and have been wanting to start using it but haven't as of yet. The other two are full of things as well and they are now labeled as well. I am beginning to think that is uber important, labeling makes life so much easier.
Well, this weekend, I plan on finally tackling each and every nook and cranny of this house and finally making it a little more livable. The hardest part will of course be the office. Especially seeing as how I started to strip the white desk and have yet to finish it. Wish me luck.

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